Electric Panel Repair in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte County

The average American home currently consumes approximately 25% more electricity than homes 40 years ago. This is primarily due to the increased number of  electronics and appliances in the average home. If your home was built before the 1990’s the increase in electrical demand may be unsafely overloading your electrical panel. This electrical overload can lead to to serious malfunctions, damage, and risk of fire and you may be in need of an electric panel repair.

Electrical Panel

Signs You May Need an Electric Panel Repair:

The Dangers of a Faulty Panel

A damaged, or overloaded electrical panel is a fire hazard. Each electrical circuit is protected by a circuit breaker. However, in older homes, electric panels may use screw-in fuses rather than breakers. When a circuit is overloaded or shorts out, breakers are designed to turn off, cutting off the electrical current to the affected circuit. This prevents overheating, fire and potential shock. Older electrical panels are not equipped to respond in the same way, increasing the risk of shock and fire. The risks associated with an outdated electrical panel are resolved with an electrical panel repair or upgrade.

Trusted Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte County Electricians

Our technicians at All Wire Electric in Sarasota, FL are focused on providing quality parts and services that you can trust. All of our team members undergo an extensive screening process to ensure the most reliable and professional experience for our clients. Each of our technicians is selected based on their experience and quality of work. 

All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality of electrical service. With more than 20 years of electrical experience in the Sarasota area, our customers are guaranteed quality work from a highly trained and knowledgeable technician. The All Wire Electric team is dedicated to safety and ensuring that your home or business is secure!