Generator Installation in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte County

If you’ve been left without power after a storm or power outage, you know how frustrating it is. In addition to worrying about food spoiling in your refrigerator and freezer, your life comes to a standstill. A backup generator can solve this problem by providing you with uninterrupted power in almost any situation. At Just All Wire Electric, we specialize in generator installation. We can help you select the generator that’s right for your home and provide you with superior installation services.

Benefits of Installing a Generator in Your Home

Backup Generators


Backup generators generally run on propane or natural gas and offer you a way to keep your home operating smoothly through an unexpected power outage. Generators will turn on automatically when the power goes out, meaning that even if you are not home, your appliances and electrical systems will stay running. This can give you peace of mind.

Trusted Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte County Electricians

Our technicians at All Wire Electric in Sarasota, FL are focused on providing quality parts and services that you can trust. All of our team members undergo an extensive screening process to ensure the most reliable and professional experience for our clients. Each of our technicians is selected based on their experience and quality of work. 

All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality of electrical service. With more than 20 years of electrical experience in the Sarasota area, our customers are guaranteed quality work from a highly trained and knowledgeable technician. The All Wire Electric team is dedicated to safety and ensuring that your home or business is secure!